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High Strength Low GSM. State of the art paper machine to ensure consistent product quality and Top Speed of 300 mpm. This the highest and latest in south east asia.

Cartons Boxes

6 inline folder gluers. 4 colour fitted with chamber blade system and valco automatic glue system. This machine is able to run 400 boxes a minute at 100 % quality.


2 inline 2600 mm wide Diecut machine. Very efficient with the 2.6 width, thus can run normal Diecut orders 4 and 5 at speeds of 150 which is 150×4 with output 600 boxes a minute.

“Original and with an innate understanding of their customer’s needs, the team at MyPak is always a pleasure to work with.”



As one of the leading corrugated carton box manufacturers in Indonesia, MyPak produces only the best and high-quality carton box that uses only the best raw materials and processed with the latest technology.

MyPak has been producing many carton boxes to many customers including many Multinational Food & Beverages companies as well as their groups and many more customers that trust us to supply them with hundreds of SKUs for thousands of tons per month

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